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Exhibition: FOR BABIES

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We are helping children who did not have a mild start into life. These children who were not lucky enough to were born into a loving and functional family. Children from disadvantaged backgrounds who have witnessed domestic violence, alcohol and drugs. Integration kindergarten "Smisek" give these children the opportunity to catch up with all the knowledge handicap, space where they can forget the unpleasant experience that should have never been experienced by so small children. Buy a small gift that make your Loved Ones happy, but mainly will support the operation of integration kindergarten "Smisek". Become a part of support and help to conjure up a children smile and radiant sparkle in children's eyes.

Araven - Professional plastic products for gastronomy

The world's leading producer of plastic products for professional catering. A company with forty years of tradition, which designs, manufactures and markets a full and innovative range of products for professionals in the foodservice industry. Araven products are widely used, they are made of recyclable materials and designed in accordance with hygiene requirements in everyday work, thus meeting all hygiene standards of HACCP certification according to ISO 9001 standards.

New series of control instruments Valena Life will change your everyday life

The Legrand company puts on the market a new series of the Valena Life control instruments, which invites to “the restarting of your life”. Please be sure that it will enable you to bring a change into your everyday activities. The new Valena Life series, which is at the same time a timeless and breakpoint series, reflects the know-how obtained through long-term experience. Valena Life meets requirements of all customers. The modern design of the new series reflects current trends: a square in another square brings a fine shape and rational design, whereby it can satisfy various needs and adapt to any environment without problems.


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