Event venue - LETŇANY

We start tommorow!

Tomorrow on 25th October at 10:00 am we are opening the gates of the autumn edition of the trade fairs: FOR TOYS, FOR GAMES, and FOR BABIES! 


You can look forward to seeing the unique exhibits, cosplayers, the gallery of the steel figures, competitions for kids, workshops, seminars, and many many more cool things! 



So if you're a game freak or a fan of interactive entertainment, soon to be a mom or already are and looking for safe toys, clothes or any other equipment for your children - do not miss this event! 


Where? As always at PVA EXPO Prague - Letňany! 

The GRAND PRIX and TOP EXPO awards granted

Within the FOR BABIES trade fair, the traditional GRAND PRIX and TOP EXPO awards were granted. While GRAND PRIX is a prize granted by an expert jury to the best exhibits presented at the show, which are outstanding within their competition and which introduce a new innovative concept, the TOP EXPO award is given to the best stands at FOR BABIES.

The main award goes to BABY CENTRUM s.r.o. with the Czech production baby- carriage Tudore Forester!

and the TOP EXPO award goes to KITIKATE with their unique and organic clothing for babies and children!

Congratulations! - your oasis of peace and the source of information

As diligent bees, we are working on introducing you to a new form of baby nursing and diaper changing. And thanks to our partners, you can also enjoy the BIGGEST COMPETITION of gifts worth almost 50,000 CZK.
Repackaging and breastfeeding
Our stand is the only place from the whole fair, where you can overwrap and nurture your children in private.
Workshops with interesting topics

For great success, we have prepared a series of workshops on topics that are close to us. Everyone will find a topic that interests them, for example, we will devote ourselves to healthy diaper changing, barefoot shoes, benefits and demonstration of bathing and carrying babies in a scarf.
We share it together ... We are looking forward to see you ... Your moms from


Kitikate - New fashion label

Kitikate  is a brand new fashion label, designing and producing  unique, %100 Organic clothing for babies and children.

“Merkezbebek”is the mother company which creates that label and have been working in the textile sector for 28 years. The company is constantly renewing its product range literally innovative. During the 28 years, our company, which makes organic baby production experiments from time to time, has switched to organic production 2 years ago. Merkezbebek company has been transitioned, hence decided to be a fully Organic baby clothes manufacturer company since 2016. Since than we are passionate about the environment and committed to protecting and nurturing our planet. We use GOTS certified organically grown and harvested cotton.


Our company, which takes care to use materials in accordance with world standards in every material used, supports the production with appropriate certificates or test reports and increases the quality of production day by day with studies of improvement.


Kitikate has a beautiful and thoughtful range of garments, designed with fun, colour and movement in mind.The design of our baby clothes combines fashion and quality as well as functionality at a reasonable price. Products it forms always have an emotional connection with  our customers ,  has become a tradition in life, shaping the dimensions of health, quality and comfort.


Kitikate’s vision is to be a sustainable and affordable children’s brand.



Feel the atmosphere of the previous trade fairs FOR FAMILY

Dear visitors and exhibitors! 

We are happy to invite you to our traditional trade fair FOR BABIES 2017, which will take place 19-22 October 2017 at PVA Expo LETNANY.  Feel the glorious atmosphere as an exhibitor or just a visitor ! 

For Exhibitor - Toys/Babies/Games



1. See the application form HERE 

2. Fill, sign and stamp the application form and send it to the contact email below

3. You will receive an invoice for a deposit and when the payment is made, you will receive the location.




How do I ship my products to the fair? Is there a storage? 

- for logistics, storages or anything related, please contact : CENTRUMSPED s.r.o., Filip Červený - Forwarders  Mobile: + 420 : 602 501 381, E-mail:


What is included in the price? 

- it is very individual and depends on your orders, for making the exact calculations, please contact the email below.


Where can I find the list of exhibitors? 

-  it will be published on our website, you can find the list of exhibitors from the previous fair in the final report below 


Can I still apply after the deadline? 

- it depends on the availability, but we will do our best to work this out 





Payments are made via bank transfer in CZK or EUR only 


Additional payments upon registration at the fair are made only in cash (we have an ATM right next to it) 

In case of any questions please contact : 


Ilona Junusmetova

Foreign trade manager

M: +420 739 003 158

T:  +420 225 291 185


Closing deadlines

The 1st closing date for a discounted price: 1st June 2018
Deadline for applications: 13. 7. 2018
Deadline for entries: 17 August 2018
Deadline for technical services 17. 8. 2018

Assembly and expositions
23 - 24 October 2018 / 8.00 - 20.00


Registration for the exhibitors
23. - 24. 10. 2018 / 8.00 - 18.00
25. 10. 2018 / 8.00 - 10.00


Exhibition date and time 

25. 10. 2018 / 8.00 - 18.00

26. 10. 2018 / 9.00 - 18.00

27. 10. 2018 / 8.00 - 18.00

28. 10. 2018 / 8.00 - 16.00

28. 10. 2018 / 17.00 - 24.00
29. 10. 2018 / 00.00 - 10.00

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